Single and Tingle

There are two questions which I avoid (or hate) to answer. One, “How much do you earn as a teacher?”. Two, “Do you have a girlfriend?” 

When someone dared to ask me the first question, I broke off the friendship. I mean, how could someone, in his rightful mind, ask me this inquiry that even my parents do not bother to ask?  I began to doubt the intention of that “friend.”  I felt guilty though. But then again, it’s a big deal for me. I just don’t announce my salary to strangers. Not even to my friends and to my family. Maybe they could just ask the university accountant or something.

The second question somehow confuses me, and which also pisses me off.  Most of my friends know that I’m single. And some people would just check me out whether I’m in a relationship or not, like they have someone to pimp me with. Come on. I’m good being single. And I’m not planning to get into a relationship too soon.  I enjoy my freedom.

Of course, at times, I feel enamored and tingled upon someone.  There are times when I mistook infatuation for love. What can I do? I really have a wild and wide imagination.  Besides, the feeling of being romantically in love fuels up my writing life.

My friends and I formed this all singles group called SAD (short for Single Awareness Day). At a set date we would gather for a videoke party or a dinner in a fancy resto and spend the entire time chatting about whatever. It’s great to have a group who makes you feel belonged and appreciated. Especially when the members are all SINGLES. I would like to think that if one of us would hook up with someone, she or he must be kicked out of the group. Oh well, that’s not the thing, I guess. Friendship goes beyond relationship status. Honestly, it will make me feel sad when one has to go because he or she has a girlfriend or boyfriend already. It defeats the purpose of SAD.

I won’t regret being single. I won’t kill myself for not having a girlfriend before I turn thirty. I just turn to people around me. I know love will tingle its way through me. If God wills it.


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