Summer Has Just Begun


It’s been a week now since I’ve been spending my summer vacation at home. I must say, it’s awesome, despite the ennui that I occasionally encounter especially in the afternoons when there are no watchable programs shown in the television. But it’s OK though. At least I am now living the dream, and that is to REST. I can really feel the summer heat, and I just started basking in the sun yesterday when we went to Nogas Island with my friend. Imagine, after almost ten years (I guess. I lost count) we finally saw each other. But it seemed like yesterday. How I missed those sensible convo with him. Also, I had a chance to meet his other friends. I just enjoyed the day yesterday.

I think summer has just begun and I’m starting to enjoy it. Can’t wait to go to Boracay this Sunday with my students, though it’s not really the place I prefer to spend my summer ‘coz of the crowd. I’m a walflower.

Even so, I am ready to embrace whatever summer brings.


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