Dear Cara

I should have never made you cry. When you took me by the hand and told me to sit for a while, you never wanted anyone but me to heed your throes. The instant you began disclosing your emotional quandary, deja vu seemed to manifest and, once again, history has repeated itself.

What do you want me to feel? As a friend, a confidante, I have never missed to offer you advices you sorely needed to mend your relationship with N. In the first place, I don’t think my advices matter to you at all. Again, you drench yourself in the puddle of confusion…misery. You needed me to be honest. I almost smashed your head like a tennis ball just to get you back to your sanity. Your tears fell.

I was saddled with guilt, thinking that telling you “You never learned from your mistakes” elicited those tears to fall from your eyes. That moment I knew you still linger in the past, and the thought that moving on seemed to be the only resort, I proved myself off beam. You still love N despite her skewing affection towards you and the “other party.” You still love N despite the fact that she never loved you back, or if she ever did… I don’t know. The truth is that, you loved her more than she did love you.

You always have the choice, my friend. And my silence, my ocassional nods as I listen to you, will assure that I am always here ready to lend an ear…a hand.

Go back to poetry.

Your friend,


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