Summer Bummer

When the second semester was about to end, I yearned to take a break from all the stresses of academic life.  I promised myself that if I finished checking the exam papers, solve the grades, and completed requirements for the clearance, I will spend the vacation as worthwhile as possible.  I long to get back on reading my books which I wasn’t able to finish since the class started and I plan to go to Boracay and other summer destinations.

I just started reading the second book just this morning after I finished book one. The way the prologue unfolds, I think A Clash of Kings is another page-turner. Can't wait to read further and hopefully I would be able to finish it before the second season of Game of thrones TV series begins next week!

Summer came, and now, I find myself enjoying every bit of heat and sulking inside my bedroom trapped within my shelf of books.  Summer is the time where I can take respite from all the worries of planning the lessons, dealing with irksome students, and complying with the school requirements.  All I worry about is where to set my foot on just to bask in the sun, and how to inundate my imagination with the books I’m reading.  And for the time being, it works.  I find comfort in staying at home and pleasure in going to places where I wanted to go.

After Boracay, I'm planning to go to Carbin Reef in Sagay City. I first saw this place featured in a calendar. And I wanted to go. I like the idea of travelling alone so this May, I'd probably be out for an adventure, Unless someone tags along...

So far, I’ve been living the dream.  And yet, I still bring to mind the evanescence of summer.  I only have two months to spend it.  I cannot just bum around and immure myself in the confines of my bedroom.  I need to go out.  I need to make my plans happen…


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