When God Took Hitler to Heaven and Other Stuff: A Snippet from My Old Journal

I’m being burned inside an oven. But I’ll write about heaven. I continue reading the book Conversations with God. For me, it’s not just a mere book with all those stodgy texts contained in it. I mean, you really could find not only spiritual insights, but some truths about life and all there is. Personally, this book triggered my uncertainty – asking how, well… not that I doubt whether God is conversing with the author, but the paradigms itself seem to oppose with my own. They’re revealing, yet unfathomable. Honestly, I don’t understand what God is really trying to imply here, but as to my own comprehension, He is actually asking us simple things like our freedom and will to act. He never calls a “thing” good or bad. He never judges; He just observes. See, we are making it hard for ourselves, added by what the church is teaching us. It’s just that we are being barred from seeing the truth. We see God as a punitive god and all we do here on earth is based on the evil or good deeds and we are being rewarded or sanctioned in exchange with our acts.


My classmate let me borrow this book when I was still taking up Fine Arts in Bacolod City eleven years ago.

What touched me a lot was the part when God told the author that Hitler went to heaven. I was totally appalled with the revelation, that an unworthy guy like Hitler deserved heaven. At first, I disbelieved, but as God elaborated the reasons of His pronouncement, I was clarified a little bit. According to God, there is no such thing as hell, so Hitler had no other choice but to go to heaven. I also read that the cruel act he committed to millions of Jews wasn’t wrong at all because, again, according to God, death is a wonderful thing a person could ever experience. Hitler did free the Jews from their selves. He put an end to their sufferings. So, why should we blame Hitler when God was even aware and willed for it to happen? He could have stopped Holocaust if He wanted to.

Also, the author chatted with God about déjà vu. I agree with God when He said that we already experience our future, but the thing is, we fail to remember it. If you have come to the state wherein you notice a certain event which you think has happened before, that’s it! Like when we sleep, God lets us peep into our future and even gives us the opportunity to experience it and somehow to correct it. We pick pieces from that circumstance and try to avoid what is wrong. All of us experience déjà vu.
The book tells me one thing. Enjoy life. No matter how we experience those unpleasant events and trials that come along the way, just keep on living. We have to do things which we think are good. We make our own choices after all.

God can possibly talk to us. And everyday is an opportunity for a tete-a-tete with Him. I find myself in convo with God through writing. Despite the wayward journey in life, writing becomes the breadth of my relationship with my God. I’m not saying that I’m perfect, but somehow I realize that life is truly what we make it. My experience with Him is translated into written words. And it is only through writing that I want to reach out and spread what I write about when I talk with God. Remember, He talks to each one of us. If we only learn how to listen.


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