Mom Enough


So what do you think of the Time Magazine cover wherein it displays a mother breastfeeding her 3-year old son? I know it sparked controversy recently, and everytime I tune in to primetime news, i’ts like everyone makes a big deal out of it.  Others would call it exploitive and others regard it as offensive, but personally, the magazine cover makes me reminiscent about my own relationship with my mom.  I can even see myself in that child!  Honestly, my mother reared me sufficiently enough that even now I still sleep beside her (and I’m 29 now). She even treated me like an infant even when I was six by trying to draw her bosom  into my lips as if to breastfeed me. Suffice to say, I’ve always been “attached” to my mother.  And being clingy to one’s mother is not a bad thing, after all.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the moms out there.  I haven’t greeted my Mama yet, but she knows deep in her heart how much I love her.  We don’t need words actually.  After all, I am greatly attached to her 🙂

Oh, and I have yet to buy that mag!


One thought on “Mom Enough

  1. OAK thinks,those who are offended by this picture,perhaps do not share a good relationship with their mother.That’s it!


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