Sayonara to Summer

>Yes. Summer is about to end. At least here in the Philippines.  Although the heat still scorches my skin, it doesn’t thwart my excitement to go back to school in June.

>This afternoon, I and my cousins swam to our heart’s content at a family-owned beach resort.  Since our excursion to Siraan Hot Spring/Nogas Island with my friends at the Mirror Poetry Guild was cancelled due to conflict of schedules, I made use of the time basking in the heat of the summer sun and exhaust myself for the hope of  having a good night sleep later.  Yes, I have a sleeping problem lately.

>I’m really looking forward to go back to the classroom.  I have a blast this summer and it’s worth remembering.  I’m grateful for all the awesome experiences and the bonding with people who really matter to me

>From now on, I’ll prep myself up for the whole semester of fun, excitement, and learning.  Till the next summer!

>But I’ll still continue to write. I know this entry doesn’t make sense. Please bear with me. 😀



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