Today in the Classroom: Paranormal Activity

So I woke up early this morning although my class was still at 8 am.  Since classes began, I’ve been an early riser. It’s a good thing I think.  As usual, Wednesday always excites me.  It’s creative writing day! I’ve been prepping up my lessons since yesterday and I already borrowed some reference materials from the library.  Here’s a wrap-up of what happened the whole day:

  • Surprisingly, remedial english seems to be a fun subject to teach.  But I think it always depends on the students I’m dealing with.  Fortunately, I have a bunch of responsive students this time.  I let them share their learning on the history of the english language and they really did their assignment.  Happy teacher here.  And when I discussed word formation (compounding, clipping, etc.), I got amazed when one of my students actually told me that there are still many ways of forming words (since I only gave four).  It’s really a good sign that I’m up to something good.  It actually changed my notion that students who take up English Plus are “pain in the ass.”  But in the case of my students, they have just proven me wrong.  Thank God.
  • Aside from creative writing, Philippine Literature is a subject to look forward to every MWF. Why?   The students of course.  I have a feeling that I’m gonna enjoy the class, since most of them show interest in the subject. I continued the orientation and discussed the functions of literature.  I’ve been noticing that it’s easy for me to just utter the lecture and explain stuff.  Probably, these students motivate me to give my best, and their enthusiasm just fuel up my desire to impart whatever I have. I’m so excited to spend the entire semester  with them. I had fun listening to them this morning,  as they shared their favorite flicks and how it made an impact in their lives.
  • Just before I started the class, I told the students that revisions in the syllabus were made, and that, the assignment that I gave them will not be discussed until unit two.  We’re supposed to tackle the library, but then, when a co-teacher told me that the department made changes in the lessons, it left me no choice but to follow.   Instead of library, I tackled Self-Motivation and Interaction with Others as the first lesson.  I asked the students to come forward and share their reasons why they chose to take up Architecure or Fine Arts or Interior Design as a course in college.  Their answers took me by surprise.  As young as they are, most of them are already aware of the so-called passion.  My heart just soared when I heard them following their passion despite their parent’s opposition.  And I really admire them.
  • What a crazy time spent in creative writing class.  My students were late and we wasted so much time just to wait for them to photocopy the handouts.  Funny how we’re supposed to finish discussing Flannery O’Connor’s essay on writing short stories, but on the first part of the article, we paused and instead of proceeding, we ended up talking about tales we listened to when we were kids.  And yeah, most of them were ghost stories.  So we scared ourselves until dismissal.  I swear the stories gave me goosies thrice and scared me out of my wits.  I was even scared to drop by the faculty room to leave my things.

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