Today in the Classroom: The Hunger Game

First of all, I wanna thank Sir John for helping me see the light.  Indeed, I found use of your syllabus, Sir.

So here’s a wrap up of what happened in the classroom.  I only have two classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • I photocopied figurative language handouts but the photocopier guy included the pages which had nothing to do with the lesson.  Waste of money! I wanted to photocopy his face. If it wasn’t my fault.
  • Another student told me to “sit-in” my class.  Hey, my class is not an orphanage.  It surely doesn’t help boost my ego as well. I’m not a pope and I don’t need extra audience.
  • I made my student write about their favorite movies and reasons why these movies had made an impact on their lives.  Three considered Hatchiko as their favorite movie. Two Three Idiots, and one almost moved into tears while sharing her favorite flick, Sa’Yo Lamang.
  • I did not take my lunch on time. My second class was at the third floor of Gamboa Hall.  I told my students I had to get something from the office.  I lied. Instead, I ate the yogurt I bought this morning.  I went back to the classroom and prayed for my metabolism to sustain me for another one and a half hour. Fortunately, I was able to stand…with grace despite my clamoring tummy.
  • Some members of the USA Troubadors are my students again. Couldn’t be happier. I’m looking forward to see and hear them share their talent to the class. It’s good to “abuse” students with musical inclination.  Free concert.
  • Generally, my students were responsive. When asked if they are familiar with writers from West Visayas, they all said, “We don’t know, Sir.”

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