The Wedding I Enjoyed

There are two social events that I don’t usually attend to: funerals and weddings. Not that I find them overly dramatic, but the only reason why I become so peevish whenever I witness such events is the moment when the ceremony concludes. I’m talking about pictorials. It’s just as time consuming as the ritual itself. And I just thought that the parish priest looks forward to this part. Seriously. And the sanctuary has become a huge photo studio. I prefer pre-nuptial pictorial. And, personally, I prefer a non-traditional kind of wedding. Not something held in the church. But in an island.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to have been invited by my friend and high school batchmate Liza on her wedding. As of this writing, I just arrived from the reception held at Punta Hagdan View Resort. I just realized that it’s an awesome venue to hold weddings and other functions there. I think that the couple has chosen the right place – the view, the ambiance and all that – well, except for the emcee. My high school classmates agreed that the guy looks like a stand-up comedian Pooh. And as soon as he opened his mouth, redundancy splattered to the very minute drop of his saliva. The grammar lapses and sloppy diction escaped from his lips like a syntax from a freewriting paragraph. “The couple will now cut the cake (uhm, you probably mean slice the cake?),” “Please raise your hands up in the air (and where else do we raise our hands, below the ground?)”. I mean, a little common sense makes a difference. Whether he was just joking or not, he committed a crime of disparaging an elderly with his side comments about guiding the bride’s father to the podium. Come on, give yourself a bit of decency to tone down your spiel.

Despite my apprehension of going to the wedding, I decided to attend, not that I had the responsibility as a lector, but I really wanted to see my high school classmate who I never met for like ages. I was kinda surprised actually when she texted that I’m gonna be the reader on her wedding. As the ceremony began, I couldn’t help but smile as I glanced at her wearing a grin of excitement and joviality on her face. For some strange reason, I felt her joy, her ecstacy. Suffice to say, this was the moment that she was waiting for four and a half years. I was just so happy for her and for her husband. I guess, more than the vows itself, it’s the feeling and the resonation of love and the promise of forever that made the wedding very special.

As far as I could remember, this is the wedding I endured from start to finish. And again, I surprised myself to have stayed despite the long travel from the church to the reception. With my batchmates at my side, I did enjoy the event. More so, I enjoyed that photo booth. I enjoyed the pictorial by the beach. I enjoyed chatting with friends. Yes, I enjoyed the wedding.

Again best wishes and congratulations to Liza and Yvan!



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