Write and Let Go

One of the nicest things about writing a blog is that it collapses the idea of cloistering one’s self in an ivory tower, but still gives an illusion that whatever one is writing about remains concealed in the crevices of the rubble.

This holds water.  If you ask me why I blog, my answer would be, I blog because I want people to read what I believe in, but at the same time, I don’t want the extent of readership hamper my thoughts and cater to my readers’ sensibilities and lack thereof.  I write, and the pathos  remains only a parcel of my creative endeavor.  It is not the full representation of my being.  I may vent-off my anger and annoyance or “castigate” certain people for their manners, but that doesn’t mean I hoist animosity between me and the subject.  Whatever my feelings are, they remain in my writing. Though words are sometimes volatile, and when they escape, they could never go back. What’s the use of ensnaring them? Words can get into people’s minds.  People, rational as they are, can react to an article which they think pierces them like a sword when in fact it just hits them like a bee sting.

I write and let go.  That, I want my very few readers to understand.    When I write, I let that ivory tower collapse and let my writing be buried along with the rubble.  However, if any reader can see the meaning hidden in the cracks and debris, I leave the burden for them to scour the puzzle scattered in those fissures.  While I move on and continue blogging.  I don’t have to explain myself anymore.


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