Give All to Love

I was rummaging through the shelves of my favorite bookstore when this book landed on my hand.  I’ve been wanting to have a collection of love poems and thank goodness, I finally found one.  So before I hit the sack, let me share one of my favorite love poems included in this compilation. Although there are lots of great poems, I just wanna share the poem that approximately resonates my romantic condition right now. 🙂

Four Centuries of Great Love Poems
Compiled by Debra Starr
Border Classics

Of Love
by Robert Herrick

How Love came in, I do not know,
Whether by th’ eye, or eare, or no:
Or whether with the soule it came
(At first) infused with the same:
Whether in part ’tis here or there,
Or, like the soule, whole every where:
This troubles me: but I as well
As any other, this can tell;
That when from hence she does depart,
The out-let then is from the heart.


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