Written in a Book: My Kind of Marriage Proposal

I always find marriage proposal as the cutest possible way to a happy marriage.  I mean, you won’t agree with me, but the kind of proposal a guy can “offer” to his petite amie speaks of the intention of a life spent together in eternity.  Though cutest, marriage proposal entails a lot of creativity and imagination because it’s like preparing one’s self to paint in a blank canvas. Marriage proposal is all but a creation of paradise mixed in colors.  When one finds the right color combination, everything falls into place.

As a literary person like me, marriage proposal prompts a plot that could turn  into a magical story.  It’s like writing a book, only that it’s real.  And the complication depends on the characters who write the story themselves.

And why am I talking about marriage proposal?  I mean, I’ve never been in a relationship and I have a feeling that marriage will take place ages from now.  I hope not.  Anyway, this topic just crossed my mind when I was tumblogging and I read something about a guy who proposed marriage to his girlfriend in a bookstore.  Really cute, isn’t it? I don’t mean to sound transparent about doing my own marriage proposal, but this? Come on.  I love books and I just reckon that if I want to marry my girlfriend, I want these books to become silent witnesses of my love for her.

So here’s the story of that girl about his beau’s proposal in the bookstore:

The other night, my boyfriend said he wanted to go to our local B&N (site of our second date, by the way) to check out a book. Being a book lover, I was all in. Plus, I wanted to grab Kat Rosenfield’s new book anyway. We arrived & I marched straight back to the YA section to grab my book. Then I hear my boyfriend, Derek, call me from the other side of the shelves. “Hey, what about this book?”

I come around the corner, and on the top shelf is a book box with the words, “Will you marry this lucky guy, Sara?” on it. I literally dropped the book I was holding & started shaking and crying.

Derek took the box, opened it, revealing a ring pillow inside with an engagement ring tied to it. He removed the ring, got on one knee & asked me to marry him.

Of course I said yes.

His friend, who’d helped stage everything, was standing by to take these photos.

It was the perfect proposal. I am so lucky.

Perfect, indeed.  So what’s your kind of marriage proposal?


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