Something I Wouldn’t Blog About

These past few days, I promised myself not to write something that concerns myself and the academic premise where I belong.  Though I really wanted to, prudence tells me to shut up, or at least to control my hands from typing those admonitions and passions that would later on get the better of me.  I have been warned.  But to hell with the caveat.

  • Zoom in at my empty wallet.  It has been waiting for a month to satiate itself from desperation.
  • Why can’t they let us sign our contract? It has been a month since we’ve been invading the Human Resource Office and what do they give us? Not even an assurance.  Text us? When our feeble fingers cannot even press the keypad to reply?
  • The bosses are confused.  And I even confuse myself, asking who the fuck is my real boss?  Who the hell requested me first?   I feel like I’m in the middle of a tug-of-war.  And I just wanna strangle these people with the rope.
  • In times of stress because of the delay of contract, I would look at my students.  And I just realize, when the dough is not enough, even their agog faces cannot alleviate my desire for that basic need.  They play no part on my dilemma. And I become a hapless teacher.
  • Inefficiency does magic.  It does create magic.  I was grateful for my supervisor’s evaluation.  But what evaluation?  Now that’s the one million peso-question.
  • I still hope that I could sign the contract this week.  I feel terrible that I have to ask money from my mother.  I feel like a college student once again. Awful. Really awful.

So I’m trying to write as inoffensive as possible.  I just wanna vent-it off.  And this is what blogging gives me.  The venue to express what I feel.  Just that.


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