The Swag of the Shelf: Because today is Show Off Your Bookshelf Day

When I was in college, my lit professor Dr. Sid Cruz would always encourage us to invest in books.  I wasn’t  a bibliophile really and I only bought titles assigned to us as reading materials, though, owning a mini-library has become one of my biggest dreams (up until now).

I’ve always wanted to have a bookshelf.  But I had no idea how to fill it with books, since I only received a meager allowance from my parents.  So books were not really my priority during college, although I was a frequent visitor of our university library (I could have won an award for that) and I’d rummage the unfrequented shelves in the “darkest” corners of the Circulation Area.

Now that I have all the opportunity to buy the books that I wanted to read, I always find time to drop by my favorite bookstore for some dirt cheap titles–from classics to reference books.  Until I discovered that my “hanging” shelf could not hold the books anymore that I decided to buy a bigger shelf.  Actually, it was my mom who bought the shelf for me.  I sill have to pay her though.

Owning a bookshelf is a dream come true for me.  It’s like an extension of myself, my security blanket, my comfort zone.  I have three bookshelves now.  One at home (I always wanted to arrange the books and wipe off the dust that covers the shelf, but since I’m Iloilo-based, I don’t get to do it anymore.  And I don’t want anyone to touch my books. I get territorial when somebody enters my bedroom.  I have another shelf here in the dormitory.  Mostly reference books and workbooks that I use as supplementary materials for my lessons.  But I do bring my fave novels and poetry collections in Iloilo so everytime I get bored, I just peruse the poems and scan through chapters of the novels that I have already read.  And I “own” one shelf in the faculty room.  When combined, I really think that one shelf is not enough to “niche” my collection.

So, in response to a Twitter follower who invented the Show Off Your Bookshelf Day, here it is. My bookshelf showing some swag.:D


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