My Birthday Wish (The Material Version)



I’m not going to lie.  Despite my belief in nurturing the spirit over desiring material things, there comes a time when I’m being encumbered by the latter.   And as my birthday wish, I am hoping that someone gives me an iPad 2.  Well, I’m still saving some dough to buy the gadget myself, but I think it will take several months before I reach the targeted amount.  Besides, it’s just a wish.  And material wish is just as ephemeral as the gadget itself. However considering the necessity, I reckon that the iPad 2 makes an aid in doing my work conveniently.  I don’t need to carry the laptop or set up the multimedia device which gnaws a lot of time.  So, I think it’s an ideal gadget for a teacher like me.  I am hoping that my birthday wish would come true. ;D


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