The 2nd Padya Petri


Welcome to the 2nd Padya Petri. The padya or prize, and in our case, the awards given to the best alternative short films made by aspiring filmmakers like you. This film award was first conceptualized two years ago as an art appreciation project. The name took its inspiration from petri dish, a lab apparatus used in observing seed germination or any small object. Since this film project is done mostly by students who take up Medical Laboratory Science, it is but apt that the award be coined from an object that reflects their passion and creativity.

1.The short film must focus on the theme given by the teacher.
2.A pitch must be made first before the group can proceed to the filmmaking.
3.Each group must submit a script for approval.
4.The short film must not exceed ten minutes. The groups must delegate the following tasks/responsibilities to the members:

a.Director (1)
b.Assistant Director (1)
c.Scriptwriters (2)
d.Actors (5)
e.Production Assistants (3)
f.Editors (2)

5. Deadline of submission and the date of the filmfest will be announced soon.



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