September 30, 2012

Dear Pal,

It’s the last day of September and the last week of the first semester!  Time flies so fast, isn’t it?  You know how much I dread the end of the semester.  I feel jobless (which I definitely am) for like two or three weeks because of the long break.  Then, I am being encumbered by uncertainty regarding my teaching load.  I shouldn’t have to worry about that, I know, but everytime this thought enters, I couldn’t help but feel, well, depressed.  I just wish that God would grant me a lot of positivity.  Though I always am optimistic.

You might be wondering why I’m addressing you as “Pal”.  Well, it’s because my most-awaited movie adapted from one of my fave books, finally opened — The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  You know how much I love the book, right?  It’s just so amazing how, once in our lives, a book can actually tell a story about someone’ else’s experience.  Writers are one hell of magical beings. And when I read The Perks of Being a Wallflower, without a doubt, I told myself that this book is about ME.  I fell in love just by reading the first few pages.  I connected with Charlie.  For me, he becomes a representation of my struggles, my joys, my pains, my life.  Any kid who happens to have the similar experience as dark as Charlie’s can definitely draw inspiration and courage from his story.  Because I did.  But I am not going to disclose everything in just one entry.  If one reader has actually read the book nor has seen the movie, then, he or she might actually understand what I’d been through.  Yes, wallflowers do exist.  And wallflowers have stories to tell.

I am happy that the semester is about to end.  I’m gonna miss my students.  I’m gonna miss my classes.  Even so, I am looking forward to this break.  I am looking forward to the books that I’m about to read, to the time I’m gonna spend with my family, to the time I’m gonna lag writing just about anything.

I am ready for October.




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