October Feast

Dear Pal,

Before I hit the sack. let me just tell you that the first day of October is always a special day for me.  Today is the feast day of my patroness, St. Therese of the Child Jesus.  I call her my Little Flower.  I’ve always turned to her for intercessions, because among all the saints I have known, St. Therese is someone who radiates humility and self-effacement. I mean, saints are humble and self-effacing, but she  charms me with her childlike approach to God.  And true to her pronouncement, I guess, the Little Flower always reminds us that in order to win the love of God, we must not seek and aim for great or extraordinary achievements just to please Him. It’s challenging, right?  I mean, amidst all the temptations that snatch away our focus on loving God, it’s just so hard to become humble.  Honestly, it’s so difficult to be humble.  That is why, I really admire and look up to St. Therese as my model of humility.

SO, this evening, I went to attend the mass.  I was really hoping that the parish would have this traditional shower of roses as they used to have.  Unfortunately, there was no literal “shower of roses” at six in the evening.  Probably they had it this morning during the highlight mass.  I know, I shouldn’t feel disappointed because of that, because everyday I experience this shower of roses.  I think that people should not fail to experience everyday miracles no matter how small they are.  Anyway, I bought four roses and the priest blessed them.  I tried to think of people whom I should offer these roses for.  Yes, and that’s for me to know.  I still have two roses.  I offered two along with my silent prayers  to St. Therese.  I miss doing spiritual things.  Catholic stuff, you know.  But it felt amazing knowing how this devotion yields miracles. And it’s a great way to start the month.

Truly, it’s October feast.  And I always pray for roses to continue to fall down from heaven.  Through St. Therese, my Little Flower’s intercession.  I may sound so spiritual and catholic.  I just hope you understand.

Need to sleep now.  Until later!


Love always,



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