Farewell 2012. Come In 2013: The Year End Edition

2012 has inundated me with so much blessings, and, needless to say, it is the best year of my life by far, in terms of my career and personal life.  As the year ends, I bring myself into recollection of these events and people who put awesomeness into my 2012 journey. In pictures.

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Nothing is more special than spending the entire year with family and friends. 2012 may be a challenging year but it has never failed to teach me some lessons in life. The year has taught me how to value the people around me. Sometimes I had to struggle with my inner demons, but family and friends proved that despite my indifference, they are always there for me, appreciating the little of what I have and at the same time understanding my need of silence.

This year, I also learned to appreciate and love my career. I may not be a perfect teacher, but I know that the classroom is my own sanctuary. Every moment spent with my students was, is and will always be an opportunity to learn. Teaching is a self-rewarding profession. Without my students, I would never prove my worth.

Well, what to wish for, or pray rather, this 2013?  Nothing, actually.  Only that God will continue to lavish me with His love and protection.  And the people I love as well.  Yes, I am going to embrace the new year with renewed spirit.  So, bring it on 2013!


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