Days of Yore in Villa Anita Male Dormitory

When I was in high school, I used to watch this TV series Felicity, a college girl(played by Kerri Russel who’s my ultimate crush during that time) who faces the rigors and joys of, well, college life. But what was cool about the TV series is it presents the independence of these characters by living their lives away from their families to live in the dormitory.  Before I graduated from high school. I wanted to stay in the dormitory.  Not just a boarding house, but a dormitory.  That wish did happen after my wayward journey into college, taking up two courses without even finishing one.  

Living in the dormitory is, cliche as it may sound, an experience of a lifetime. Being here for seven years, enduring the sundry characters that I have  encountered is definitely one for the books. i must say that within those seven years, I have spent most of my time in the male dormitory than in my own home.  Even after graduating from college, I continued, and still continue to stay here.  And probably, among the dormers who have stayed in the dorm, I know the “deepest” secrets of the walls that divide every room.  Having occupied three rooms and shared with 12 roommates and “mingled” with several others, I definitely have a blast observing people and their steps, their sounds, and even their smells. Want revelations? I’ll give you some.

The dormitory welcomed me with so much excitement that it just felt like a world from my fave TV series. Except for the R.A (resident assistant). Instead of having one, we are made to deal with the iron landlady who seemed to be the panopticonic Big Brother.  At least, that’s what the other dormers attested, who even petitioned she should be “ousted.”  but to no avail.  Up to now, she still brings havoc to every dormer’s life.  But enough about her.  This is all about [me and] my dorm-mates.  

Revelation 1. I almost caught them having sex.  You know that there is something fishy going on when you arrive and find out that, even if the door is locked, a chair inside the room still blocks you from  entering.  And what’s more surprising, you find your two dorm-mates half-naked (with only their towels on) cuddling each other.  And what would I suppose to imagine?  They instantly jumped off from the bed and pretended that nothing’s going on.  Oh, really?  I’ve got a pretty wild imagination, dudes.  And my imagination has never betrayed me.  I knew what they’re talking about while I pretended to be asleep.  So much for the “maleness” in the male dormitory.

Revelation 2. It’s all about the good times. When wi-fi connection has not snatched away our ability to communicate without facing our computer screens, my dorm-mates and I would    walk from the dorm to Jollibee Diversion just to buy sundae.  At night.  Before the dorm closed.  In days of yore, the concept of a dorm-mate (at least for me) is all about having a good time, having to talk about crazy things while passing by Barangay Malipayon.  i remember how the whole dormitory would scream watching The Grudge on TV.  Yeah, being a dormer is supposed to be spending one’s stay as fun as possible and not just confining one;s self in his own world.  I mean, after all, there is life outside the dorm…and the wi-fi connection.

Revelation 3.Porn till morn. I’m not going to name the cable company (not unless you stay in this dormitory), but we discovered that it really has a porn channel.  We used to have a television in our room, and well, as ingenuous as we were, we found a way to make this very blurry porn channel at least, viewable.  The channel only starts in the middle of the night when all the channels have signed off.  Seriously.  It’s a cornucopia of perverts banging each other.  There’s nothing exciting in that porn channel actually.  I swear.  You;ll get bored watching it every midnight, and you’ll end up sleeping without even reaching the climax.

Revelation 4.The Types of Roomate.  Being a dormer means having to endure with all the types of people whom you encounter with inside and outside the room.  I mean, you don’t choose your room-mates, not unless you stay with your brother or your cousins in one room.  I have shared with, as I mentioned, twelve (or more) room-mates in one room.  There is the intellectual type who deprives you with a good night sleep because the light is on until the wee hours of the morning and you find him studying and chatting with the other room-mate.  There is also the spiritual type who doesn’t fail to say his prayers every evening, while bending his knees almost in front of you (I mean it in a decent way. No offense to him, but it’s kinda awkward. I felt like a sinner which I already am.).  There is also the farmer type who never gets to miss tending his vegetables and animals in Farmville (yeah, I used to have that room-mate).who never sleeps not until he sees his carrots grow or something.  There is also the bitchy type who actually annoys me with his Tweety Bird boxers and who would reprimand me for turning the volume of my laptop out loud while he reviews for his CPA exam. I mean, can he just say it in a nice way? Fuck him. Lastly, there is also the invisible type, who, as the word suggests, is invisible. Enough said.  

Times change.  People come and go in this male dormitory.  They leave behind  their steps, their noises and their scents.  They create memories.  Some became friends.  Some became enemies.  Some were forcefully evicted.  Some voluntarily exited.  And I remain in this dormitory, left behind to see the joy, and probably the worst that’s going on within its walls.  In here, i continue to observe people.  And probably write about them.  This is only the beginning. 




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