NO to Bullying and Homophobia

I just wanna share this video which somehow speaks similarly of my experience growing up.  I guess, few people know that I was a victim of bullying as kid.  Previously, I posted my own vlog narrating my own share of that horrific moment of my life that changed a lot of who I am today.  I don’t need to recount those events coz you may check that post to view what I had to say about this lingering issue also faced by a lot of youth today.

Matt Doyle’s video on his take on the issue of bullying brings a spark of hope and inspiration to those who underwent this sort of wantonness in their lives.  Reading his blog ( about his own experiences of bullying is a touching tale which I can relate with.  But most of all, through his account, I drew a lesson that surely has a lasting effect on me, and perhaps, on those who have read his blog.

And as a parting word, I wanna echo what he had to say to those who are victims of bullying.

It is true. I don’t care who you are, there is a community and a passion out there for you. There are people like you who will relate to you and support you. I am painfully aware of how cheesy all of this sounds but for god’s sake, celebrate your individuality!

Yes. I couldn’t agree more.


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