My Blog Just Turned One Year Old

April 4, 2012. It was out of boredom that this blog was created. It was Lenten Season and as I was contemplating on the significance of Christ’s sacrificial love, and for not having said confession, I thought of a better way to somehow expunge that need of venting-off my thoughts and feelings through words (as I always do). Thus, the wallflowerconfessions. This blog started out as a reflection on Good Friday and in the course of its journey, it became a microcosm of my lingering imaginations and the battlefield of bafflement. One year ago since its inception, this blog has waded into sundry issues that I consider important in my life: ARTS and LIFE itself. My blog has been an important part of my writing life. It has become a buffer to my vanity as well.

I love writing. And nothing in this world can stop me from doing so, not even the few readers who visit this site. Yes, I want to be read, but I know, though the stat reveals the status of readership, it becomes still an inspiration for me to blog. I know, someone out there reads what I have to opine. And friends who mention about what I wrote in my blog every time we meet somehow affirms that my blog matters. It fuels up my elan to write more. And I will continue to do so. For the rest of my life.


3 thoughts on “My Blog Just Turned One Year Old

  1. Congratulations on the one year anniversary of your blog. May there be many more to come, and keep the faith. Write your heart out, let your soul bleed through your fingers, to the keys, and into our imaginations.


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