A Weekend of Reunions

The 11th San Agustin Writers Workshop came to a close last May 4.  The ten fellows survived the stringent yet constructive critiques of their literary works by the panellists.  I’m pretty sure they have learned a lot on the art of writing as much as I did when I was also a fellow years ago.  Indeed, parting is such a sweet sorrow.  It’s time for them to bade farewell.  But as soon as the fellows said their goodbyes, I was about to have my reunion with the PubPips.  And before that, my former classmate (when I was still taking up Architecture) and I had our own reunion as she became a fellow for the workshop.  It’s so nice to see her and after the program we got to keep up with the lost time, chatting just about school and everything.  In essence, Saturday was all about meeting old folks who mattered and remained as significant influences in my writing life.  Sir John (who’s my award-winning mentor) and I proceeded to Melvin’s Place in Villa Arevalo to meet with the former USA Pub staff.  The meeting gave us certain nostalgia and it felt that we were transported into those days when we were just having pressworks and writing articles for the tabloid and the magazine.    For me, it was a memorable moment.  The photos just tell everything…




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