Chasing Summer: The Nogas Island Experience

So I’m totally feeling the thrill of summer. Even before I extricated myself from the stresses of complying with the clearance requirements, I promised myself that I would really really take a respite from all the academic duties. I wanted to have a blast and I know that summer would never be fun without basking in the beach and feel the heat of the sun. Yeah, sure, it may sound a bit cliché, but taking a dip in the sea and just chasing around with my cousins would somehow make a great summer. And besides, it’s not really the money you spend or the far-flung places you go to, but it’s the people you spend time with that makes the season worthwhile. So last May 2, I took my brother and my cousins into a trip to our town’s summer place – Nogas Island. It’s just a fifteen-minute ride from our barangay. It may be the first time some of my cousins have gone to Nogas Island and I’m happy that at least they enjoyed our excursion. Here are some of the photos that we took and the summer video that I created to “document” the fun and the togetherness that we had during our picnic. What is really special about this moment is that, I got to gather my cousins. I don’t do it a lot, I mean, spending a great deal of time with them because we live in separate houses, and honestly, I don’t go home often because of my job. I actually considered this a feat on my part because most of them joined and definitely enjoyed the island experience. I’m hoping for another summer trip before the school opens in June.





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