How to NOT Hate Weddings

This month, I have attended three weddings. Yes. Too much for someone who really really hates weddings. Three of my batch-mates walked down  the aisle and my other batch-mate invited us to her sister’s wedding. Suffice to say, I found myself asking in the middle of these social events “What the hell am I doing here?” No offense to the bride and groom, but I only go to weddings if a.) the couple are my friends b.) the post-wedding pictorial only takes ten minutes and c.) I will not be forced to catch the garter and participate in that humiliating game at the reception. Thankfully, letter C has never occurred to me yet, though, during Allen and Dave’s wedding, I was one of the secondary sponsors. But I changed my green barong to a comfy shirt coz I was like being burned inside the oven at that time (and mind you, I hate wearing barong).  And I just joined my other classmates to eat with the commoner (another thing, I don’t like joining people in the presidential table).


Me and my high school classmates Mahrex and Sunrie during Allen and Dave’s wedding. Yes, I am the single among us three.

There is this inexplicable reason why I loathe weddings.  But just to clarify things up, disliking weddings is not synonymous to despising marriage, okay?  I don’t hate marriage.  Yes.  I don’t know why I just cannot appreciate the feel of seeing people dressed in white or more than a dozen sponsors and flower girls lining up the aisle.    Maybe because it’s just too traditional or maybe it’s just me wanting to have a wedding of my own. I don’t know.  LOL to that.  Anyway, since I caught myself up in this ironic situation, I’d rather psyche things out and at least even once, I tried to enjoy the moment while it lasted. So, how to NOT hate a wedding?

1. BE in the moment. Weddings have their own way of bringing people into this romantic ambiance  and whether or not you dislike the occasion, being in the moment and watching the bride and groom march down the aisle just trigger the endorphin to make you experience a kind of high.  I’m pretty sure it does.

2. CAPTURE the moment .  If you can’t stand being stuck in the pew, I assume you brought the camera with you.  Capturing the procession, the exchange of wedding vows, or the tears in the couple’s eyes can break the ennui once the ceremony started.  So get that perfect angle and immortalize the moment.


My batch-mate Gina and her husband as they walk down the aisle.

3. LEARN from the wedding.  Sometimes, attending a wedding can spark a lesson and can even help picture out your own.  Not that you try to compare or find fault with other people’s weddings, but somehow you get to consider the monetary and the emotional aspects of preparing for the nuptial.  Deciding to get married and planning its bits and bobs such as the wedding invitation, the battalion of sponsors, the herd of flower-girls, and the banquet menu do not just happen over night.  Nor days or weeks.  And wedding or a grandiose wedding for that matter  does not simply imply a lifelong commitment, since it’s just a one-shot occasion.  It’s the promise after the wedding that matters.  Just don’t forget to settle the debts.  You will live fruitfully and peacefully after that.  I prefer simple weddings.  Enough said.

4. If you can’t beat them, join them. Good thing that it’s my batch-mates weddings that I attended to this month.  At least, despite my disgusto for the picture taking, I took part in it.  And it was fun. Especially with your friends around.DSC_0407


Me and my batch-mates strike a pose during Allen and Dave’s wedding last May 11.

Weddings remind me of my being single.  But that isn’t a big issue for me.  It might seem a bit cliche, but someday soon, it will arrive.  For the time being, I just take joy in seeing my friends tie the knot and build a family. I guess, that’s how, again, NOT to hate weddings! My warmest congratulations and best wishes to the newly-weds and the not-so-newly-weds.


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