Summer Send-Off

Just when I thought that summer’s over because it’s already June, but when I arrived home yesterday, and as a Flores de Mayo post-celebration, we went to the beach in the afternoon.  The place is called kweba (cave) because, when the area was not yet cemented, there was a cove right below the road where people would usually do their laundry and bathe.  The coast is just so pristine and the blue water is just so enticing. So this was my first time to go to the cove though it’s just minutes away from our house.  I just discovered that it’s really an awesome  place to go for a refreshing swim.


Kweba is located at the foot of Nasog Point in Anini-y, Antique.  According to legends, Olayra, the queen of the tamawos would dock her golden boat along the rocky shore and bring her treasures on top of the mountain.  The place is considered enchanted, because according to fishermen, kweba glows during the night, and sometimes, they would spot an enchanted giant fish around the place.


Well, enchanted or not, kuweba has her own way of luring us to take a dip into her cool, crystal clear water and panoramic view.  When we were enjoying our swim, a van stopped and some tourists would take a picture of the place.  Truly, there is an unnamed, hidden spot that is waiting to be discovered.



So, when you happen to pass by Anini-y, Antique, take the coastal route and be ready to be spellbound by the imposing cock-crest shaped Nasog Point and the captivating view and vastness of the Sulu Sea.


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