All About ME

Joel Stein may be too blatant
in calling this generation lazy, entitled narcissistic who still
live with their parents. Or maybe he’s too honest to debunk the
truth which, in a way, is very apparent in the world of social
media. However, that’s not all there is to say about the ME


The May 20, 2013 issue of
Time Magazine featured a quite intriguing statement that somehow
describes today’s generation, as what the writer Joel Stein coined:
The ME, ME, ME Generation, otherwise called as The Millenials. On
the cover, Stein perceived this generation as “lazy, entitled
narcissists who still live with their parents”…and double-spaced
away, he added “Why they’ll save us all.”

ago, I was watching the news when a cable news channel also
featured this issue and it got me interested for the reason that,
drawn from the “ME ME ME” phrase itself, self-vanity and
narcissistic tendencies have become apparent not only in the United
States, but in the Philippines as well. Zooming it in, I have
observed these behaviors in people whom I deal with everyday
especially in the social media. But of course, Stein has presented
his statistics to prove his claim based on the studies conducted…

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