I’m always drawn to listen to Broadway music. Aside from the songs derived from musicals, pop Broadway doesn’t fail to captivate me, especially the melodies and the lyrics. Inspiring. Among the Broadway musicians, Scott Alan was the best, especially when I first heard, well, watched the video and listened to previews from his website. Then, Pasek and Paul came in, and when I finally watched and listened to Gavin Creel’s rendition of “Do You Remember,” I was totally blown away. So here it is, the video. Does anyone have the lyrics?


Song of the Day: Pasek and Paul’s “Do You Remember?”

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Pasek and Paul’s “Do You Remember?”

  1. Do you remember,
    Riding high above the waves,
    Past a dozen air balloons,
    To an island of lagoons,
    With magic shores and endless caves?

    Do you remember,
    How the sun would stain the sand?
    And still the time would stay
    Golden arrows point the way.
    To the close and far off land

    Tell me you remember
    Tell me you remember

    Do you remember,
    A pirate’s hand of steel?
    How one day you learned to trust
    That a pinch of fairy dust
    Isn’t make believe
    It’s real.

    Tell me you remember
    Tell me you remember

    Your ears have tiny holes now.
    There are lines upon your cheek.
    You take longer than you used to
    Before you choose to speak.

    You still bite your lip
    Whenever you get nervous.
    And you twist your hair
    When you don’t know what else to do.
    I remember that,
    I remember you.
    I remember you.

    Do you remember,
    When at last I stole your kiss?
    Many children come and go,
    I forget them once they go,
    But you’re the only one I miss.

    Just close your eyes and see.
    Somehow remember,
    Remember me


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