School Opening Blues and First Day High


School opening always excites me.  Although at some point, I feel like a paper boat drifting in the pool, still, this enthusiasm to enter once again in the University elates me.  I reckon that it’s a normal feeling for a teacher, you know, seeing those faces of the students ready to rock on.

So today’s the beginning of the new academic year, and for the first time, I woke up early in the morning to prepare myself to go to school and attend to my class at 7:30. My first time in two years coz I usually start like 9:30 or even at a later period.  As I was about to cross the street, the students were forming a heavy line that reached almost up to the gym. Almost like a scene from the mall entrance or a concert. And entering the University, I noticed a very festive and agog mood lingering around while I walked my way towards the Chair Office to get my teaching load.

But, unfortunately, my excitement got hampered when I checked the classroom only to find out that it is being converted into an internet section. Wait, what?? Where am I going to hold my class? So I informed the office and they had no idea, though they told me that they’ll just post the new room assignment.  Ok. I had to let it pass. And so I waited for the next period. Philippine Literature class.

Here’s the thing. The room assignment was again transferred.  From the ground floor to the fifth floor. How amazing is that?  If this is what they call “first day high”, then I literally experienced it myself!  I almost lost my breath climbing the stairs from Aguirre Hall to Mendel Hall.  At least the room was not empty.  And there they were: the students all seated in their armchairs.  Ready to discover what the class has in store for them.  Seeing those timid eyes and silent whispers as I started my orientation, I knew, this is going to be an exciting ride.  I forgot all the blunders.  The classroom once again, becomes my sanctuary.


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