Once Again, I Dream of a Butterfly

Dreams come to us in metaphors. Disturbing metaphors. Those images that loom unto us and visit our slumber like crows in the midnight – tarrying for hours until we wake up – restless, questioning. Dreams paint horrid messages all splattered in a fauvist strokes and colors like the ocherous sunset in the horizon. Alluring, yet fatal. Dreams are mirrors that reflect the unknown. We know nothing except that image that we see right in front of us. And thus, again, dreams leave us to ponder on the meaning they bring: when we are asleep. When we are awake.

Butterfly. Once again, I dreamed of a butterfly. About ten years ago, I had the same dream so vivid that I almost felt the pang as the golden butterfly landed on the soft skin between my thumb and pointing finger, leaving suddenly a scar where a red rose sprouted and majestically bloomed where the butterfly had landed after it chased me for hours. Mysterious, isn’t it? I had so many dreams and reveries but not as significant as this one. I wondered what it meant.

Dream interpretation would tell that butterflies symbolize transformation, abundance, happiness and wealth. A dream of a butterfly could be telling you to settle down and not to flit from person to person or it could have to do with social situations.. The bigger and more beautiful the butterfly, the more of an impression you will make on society, or at a special function that you must attend.

But I still ask myself. What about that pain before the rose bloomed out of my hand? What about that giant butterfly that chased me and brought fear as I escaped myself away from its shadow?  Do they also mean transformation? Or some kind of metamorphosis?

Can dreams deceive us?  Butterflies may not always symbolize change or beauty or happiness. But what if butterflies signal impending loss, or discontentment, or worst, pain?  But then again, it can be a wake up call.  if this is a warning, then, let me dream, once again, of a butterfly.



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