These are a few of my favorite things…

This morning I was listening via Soundcloud to Jason Mraz’s Journal Entries and I enjoyed the part when he listed his favorite things–from organic food to running his bike–and the simplest joys that we sometimes tend to ignore.  Yes, based on the song popularized by Julie Andrews and inspired of course by my favorite singer and person in the whole wide world, lemme share, too, a few of my favorite things…but wait, these things are not the usual stuff that most of you may associate myself with e.g books, poetry, and short stories, but these favorite things I’m going to list down somehow may seem trivial, but they really mean the world to me.

1. Key. I always freak out whenever I leave the key in my dorm room especially when I lock the door and I realize I forgot the key inside.  You see, our landlady gets a bit gnarly when I borrow the spare key, and so to avoid dealing with her, I always make sure that I always bring the key with me wherever I go.  Suffice to say, my key tops my favorite things because it has been my companion ever since I stayed in the dormitory.


2. Mug. I’m quite a drinker, and every minute of the day, especially when I spend the whole time in my room, my mug has always been within my reach.  The stain around the lid stands as a witness of how “abused” this mug is. From coffee, to tea, and yes, even vodka, my mug alone knows my drinking habit.


3. Doodle book. Life will have no meaning, not unless I scribble in my doodle book.  Although lately I kinda set aside my interest in drawing, I am certain that my doodle book patiently awaits until I get hold of my pencil and start opening its pages again.

4. Goodies from friends. I’m a very sentimental person, so whatever my friends give me whenever they went on a vacation or tour, it excites me to receive even just a simple pasalubong like key chains, or pens, or cellphone holders.  Receiving stuff from other people is always special. And I’m so glad and lucky that my friends are very thoughtful.

5. The sand and the sea.  Summer is my favorite season of the year.  Despite the scorching heat, it is also the time when I get to bask in the enticing sultriness of the sand and the sea.  I’m a water person; being born in a coastal community, I am always fascinated by the sea. Whenever I visit home during the weekend, I would stroll along the shore and empty my mind with all the hurly-burly worries of the city.  And the sea is always there to welcome me.


How about you, what are your favorite things?


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