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I love the rain.  When we were kids back in our barrio, my friends and I would often chase one another under the pouring rain, oblivious of all the mud that spattered all over our already drenched bodies.  We would stand below the gutter and wait as the cascading water inundates us with delight.  Nobody, not even our parents, could reprimand us.  We soaked ourselves in the downpour.  We were kids.  Then.

This is what I missed about childhood.  Bathing in the rain.  Anticipating rainbows as the drizzle disappeared with the presence of the sun.  Floating paper-boats in the puddle.  Yet, in the turning of the time, these frolics merely become distant memories.  And I deem rain like I have never imagined it before, as I reduce its coming to a phenomenon that either brings disaster or a fever.  And I’m starting to hate the rain…


4 thoughts on “LOVE/HATE Rain

    • I guess not. I actually hate the rain now. I hate its intermittence. Especially when I’m caught unprepared. Just goes to show that we are really getting old. Believing that not everything that pours is a blessing. 🙂


      • That’s what I get for not reading the entire thing. After the first paragraph I was like “Ugh, he actually LIKES rain; I’m not reading on”. Haha.
        But yeah, I suppose we’re on the same team after all. And the thing we hate the most about rain is also the same: its unpredictability. Just this morning I tweeted “I’d prefer a year of El Niño than 24 hours of rain”. A bit over the top, no doubt, but that’s just how much I loathe it. =)
        Enjoying your blog…


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