“My Husband’s Lover” and All that Jazz

It is quite surprising how GMA 7’s newest drama My Husband’s Lover has been consistently dominating the Trending Topic on Twitter, and everytime I check my tweets, on the periphery, the hashtag bearing the gay drama title (with episode number) is never lost in the list. Yes, I have watched some back episodes of the show just to get into the hype of it (and to feed my curiosity as well) being branded as something phenomenal and groundbreaking.  I have read good reviews about the series, especially that it earned acceptance and accolade from the LGBT community.  Not to mention, it also earned the ire of the so-called moralists and homophobes.  My Husband’s Lover may be considered as the first-ever gay series in Philippine television, or should I say, in free TV?  Well, it wouldn’t even surprise me, since I’m already used to watching gay-themed series and movies and reading gay novels ever since I took up AB Literature in college (thank goodness for our Literature and Gender class with Sir John).  In fact, the teleserye has come too late where the theme of same-sex relationship should have been tackled years ago.  I mean, it’s a proven reality: there is more than what meets the eye.  There are guys who may be acting straight, but deep inside, find themselves enamored of their own kind.   Ok, so what’s the point of my blog about this highly talked about TV drama?  Nothing actually.  But if you want to read my own take, you may click here.

What brings me to that topic is my algid response on My Husband’s Lover which apparently I don’t wanna talk about. I like the series because it is something different, however, from the perspective of someone who has seen enough, it may be another tragic representation of the plight of gays who either lost the battle or succumb to sorrow because of unrequited love.  But we’ll see…we’ll see.  Going back to gender topic, I wanna share some of the gay-lesbian literary pieces and movies that somehow opened my eyes on the pressing issues faced by people who belong to the third sex.  When I was still a Lit major, our teacher, who’s gay, always emphasized the importance of acceptance and un-labelling.  That’s probably why, having understood the throes of the LGBT, I become an ally of the group.  Yes, I support gay rights.  And I’m straight (but of course that is unnecessary).  And honestly, I was homophobic and had been labelled effeminate.  Yeah, my situation brought about a sort of discombobulation, but somehow I was able to extricate myself from the labels.  My feebleness and even my gender doesn’t define who I am.  Straight.  Gay.  We are all equal.  Everyone of us deserves respect.

Here’s three of my favorite gay-themed pieces that served as an eye-opener for me in understanding gender and love that goes beyond measure.  Just click the titles for full article.

1. Brothers Bishop by Bart Yates


2. Mysterious Skin


3. Beijing Story (a novel)/ Lan Yu



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