Taking a Leap

Oh, wow. It’s been a while since I last posted in this blog.  Except my painting and the quote from The Shadow of the Wind.  Sometimes, when you’re elan takes its hiatus, you have no choice but to give in.  I mean, I wasn’t busy; it’s just that I was preoccupied with lots of stuff lately.  And I set aside writing to accommodate my other muse, painting.  Aside from that, I’ve been anticipating the end of the first semester of the academic year, so expectedly, a lot of requirements must be submitted.  

I hate this foreboding sense of procrastination.  It has gotten hold of me lately and I couldn’t even work on solving grades and checking midterm white notes.  But anyway, I remain true to my pronouncement: once I don’t feel like working, then I don’t do the work.  I don’t even understand myself.  All I know is that, the fuel that kindles my desire to teach is gradually dying down.  Or maybe, my thought is focused on this one important decision that I have made lately.  Because I am about to take a leap.  I just think that this is a big transition that will unfold in the coming days, especially when the semester ends next month.  It’s all about career change.


I did not expect this one.  When I knew through Twitter that a TV Network is hiring this position for digital producer, I got interested immediately, since, as the job entails, skill in writing and interest in the network’s documentaries are needed.  Thus, I deemed it timely because weeks from now, I’d be embarking on a boat that would, once again, be trashed by the waves of uncertainty. We only have one shot in life, and grabbing this opportunity will somehow be a once in a lifetime experience.  So I emailed my resume, along with my writing samples.  I knew I wanted this job, but deep within, I never really expected that I would be considered, because I know, a lot of applicants would be sending theirs too.  Resumes, that is.  


Days later, I got a reply from the social media manager and began to take the tests which I enjoyed.  Despite that, self-doubt still encumbered me and I placed a low expectation, not until I got another reply from the network.  And this time, I was informed that I got shortlisted to be interviewed for the position.  It suddenly dawned on me that what started as a shot has suddenly turned into a serious matter.  And it wouldn’t be too long until I’d finally reach my dream; it may be THIS one or it may be something else.  Only God knows, right?  All I’m sure is that, I embrace whatever blessings He is giving me.  For me, that is enough.



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