HIRED:A Miracle Story

God works miracles. I nearly failed the exam for GMA7. Fortunately, the network forgot to include one part–the mathematical word problems. When the social media manager informed me that I have to take the last part of the exam, I told myself I won’t be able to pass because I suck at math. I did it anyway, clearing all expectations of passing it, thus, the possibility of getting hired got hazy. I finished the exam in ten minutes, believing that if God wants me to get this job, He will grant it to me. The next day, I received a reply from the SM manager informing me about the result. I passed.

This made me realize that the things we loathe upon can be the means of achieving success in life. Math saved me from failing the test. But most of all, I consider this event a blessing. A miracle. Despite almost abandoning all hopes, I really believe that God worked within his power. He proved that He specially provided this job for me. How can I refuse?

I may sound vainglorious posting my joy of getting hired by a giant network. But this is not to boast myself. This is my own conviction of how powerful God is. And I am humbled. He knows that this has been my dream, and in my own effort, achieving it really seems impossible. Not to mention, ambitious. But no. This is what I have to say: We should never give up on our dreams. Even if it means waiting hundreds of years to make it happen, we must. God grants the desires of our hearts through His own perfect timing. He never fails. Even if we ourselves do.



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