What I’ll Miss the Most

When it comes to leaving, I get emotional because I am a kind of person who gets too attached to things and people who have become a part of my life.  But it took me a while to get over my “mushiness”.  I think, when I decided to work in Manila as a digital producer for GMA News and Public Affairs, I have already overcome that sense of sentimentality.  Sure, it is sad to leave my family and friends back in Antique and Iloilo, but I’d be a total dork when I allow myself to be encumbered by nostalgia.  I have made my choice.  Thus, my graceful exit from the University.  Time to chase my dream.

But before I plunge into my new environment, I wanna share those places and things and people that would always remind me of home.  And yes, I’m still a mushy person.


1. The Villa Anita Male Dormitory.  For almost eight years, this place has become my abode.  It pains me a lot (for the lack of word) to leave this dorm which I already considered my home.  And sometimes my inspiration to write. I have spent a whole lot of time in this place than in the house, observing a lot of people during my eight years stay.  And I guess, I have to leave to write them all down.    During my quiet moments, I would always look back at those happy times and the interesting people that made my stay in the dormitory worthwhile.  And they will always be part of my story.  My poems.


2. Videoke with SAD. I’d probably miss the fun for a while, but I know I can still join them during important occasions.  When someone from the group celebrates his or her birthday, what better way to spend fun than to hit the mic and sing our hearts out at the KTV Bar.  The contest, the crown… Oh well, I know that I will never be left out.  I’m just a social media away. 🙂

3. The University of San Agustin. Undeniably, the University of San Agustin, my alma mater, served as a training ground for whatever I am achieving in life right now.  Suffice to say, what I learn in life, especially in terms of discipline and professionalism, I learned it in the University.  My teachers, mentors, and friends have become my inspiration and guidance in my journey.  I have been a teacher for almost five years and I must say I have a blast.  Despite the challenges and the issues, my stay in the University is something that I would always reminisce, wherever life will take me.  I am proud to be an Augustinian.  It’s always a pleasure to have rendered service and impart knowledge to my students.  And yes, I will forever consider myself a teacher.



4. Cilantro and Barrio Inasal.  As I leave Iloilo, I also leave these two restos that have become important places that fill my stomach each time I crave for something other than the usual carinderia dishes.  The waiters have already predicted my order just before I enter or take my seat.  I know Manila would offer a wide array of gastronomic feasts, but, as sentimental as I am, Cilantro and Barrio Inasal would forever remain special to me.  Not only foods were shared, but also the laughters and conversations together with my friends whenever we dine out during lunch or dinner.


5. The Seashore. Definitely, this place is what I’m going to miss the most.  For apparent reason, it will take me a long time before I could return, letting my feet be caressed by the sand again.  In Manila, there will be no music of the waves, there will be no scenic view of Nasog Point.  But I will always embrace and heed the call of the shore.

Cliche as it may sound, the only thing that remains constant is change.  When we want to succeed in life, we must embrace changes that take place around us.  But sometimes, it is in looking back that we remain in sync with ourselves.  We must value changes.  Yes.  But we must remain deeply rooted on what we are.  I’m writing this entry to express just how much I’ll miss home.  You may say this is just a phase, but, again, home is where I cling to, and the memories of it make me a better person.  I am mushy.  That’s what I am.



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