I’m Writing But I Still Miss Writing

Cliche though it seems, but the hardest part in every writer’s life is to face the blank page and write.


Some of my friends would say that I have the most lenient job of all.  And doing this seemingly easy task gives me the space to write, which I somehow missed when I was still teaching in the university.  I never considered being an online content producer a facile job, even though it relates to writing.  Any job connected with my interest always poses a challenge for me.  And as my work gets into full swing, I reckon that most of my time will be spent in creating promo posts for the shows I’m handling. Still, my friends would insist it’s just a piece of cake.

I miss writing, Although writing is basically a part of my job, deep inside, I long to write.  I know my mushiness strikes again, but I cannot grope for that one particular reason that, despite writing, I still miss writing.  Without considering being paid for it, I still yearn for the moment that all I could think of is to weave metaphors and verses that expunge my heart’s desires.  I know that I can write stories and poems if I want to.

Yes, I agree with what some of my friends say, I’m probably the person who’s got all the time in the world to write.  And again, I wanna challenge myself to get back into writing.  Real writing.  My Muse has eluded me.  I’ve been writing a script for a play recently, but now, that elan seemed to wane.  I don’t want to believe in muses anymore.  I must convince myself to write.


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