From Peter Pan to Spiderman: I’m Getting There!

It’s been a while.  I never wrote any entries, apparently, and I have no idea how I was able to survive without feeding my dashboard with my thoughts.  I may be preoccupied with work lately, but I think that’s not an excuse for not writing in this blog.  In the first place, I have never done anything except writing.  If you happen to visit the FB pages and the Twitter of the shows I manage, they’re flooded with posts which I myself wrote.  My life has revolved pretty much around wracking my brains off in a good way.  Well, my quandary, if you may call it, boils down to this: I love my job. My new job, that is.  Yeah, you may have read it tons of times, but true.  That feeling when you can actually say: Yes, I am happy with the way things are going in my life right now.

Looking back, 2013 has inundated me with so much blessings. I must say, I have emerged despite the hullabaloos of teaching life. For a PSD-stricken guy like me, responsibility is just another weight on my baggage.  That “fateful” month of October, I knew that my academic responsibility just had to end. Sure, my contract ended at that time, and honestly, I was hoping to still get a teaching load.  Unfortunately, decisions [from the higher ups] seemed a bit too shaky, so I did not keep my hopes too high.  I had this feeling that the wind was blowing in an entirely different direction.  Sounded like a popular song, but really, that kinda became the anthem of my life.  Letting go wasn’t that easy.  But I realize that as one gets older, it would be pathetic of him/her if s/he could not decide for himself/herself (gender-sensitivity alert here).  At 30, I strongly feel that I haven’t really taken quite a giant leap in my life.  Or probably I wasn’t really mindful about it.  Only until now that I discover how the word “responsibility” is getting hold of me.  It takes one to really, I mean really get out of the comfort zone to widen his/her horizon.  At least, now, I can say and feel, that I am 30. Er, I mean, 31.

And yes, responsibility is good.  I’m still a little bit of a Peter Pan, but who knows, embracing it fully might turn me into a Spiderman.




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