I have died, but now, I’m back.


When you find yourself amid the hurly burly and the asphyxiating smoke and noise of Manila, the only way out is to zone yourself and imagine a vast carpet grass with sunshine beckoning from the horizon, or a soothing splash of waves racing toward your feet.  Trudging and dodging against the racing vehicles and automaton-like crowd can get you bone-weary, and realizing how different it is from the world that has inundated you with calm and solitude, you start to yearn for home.

Never in my life have I dreamed of working in this urban jungle that is Manila. When I was in Iloilo, I thought that I’d never have the chance to go out of my comfort zone.  I always thought of Manila as a horrid place, where one can easily get snatched or deceived by strangers. Where grime matches with crime. I don’t see myself in the middle of this chaos.  And look at me now. Just as circumstances have blown me to the place where I hated to be at, life surely has her way of playing tricks on me.

It’s been almost seven months since I worked here in Manila.  I love my job, that is all I have to say.  But then again, I don’t have a perfect job. I may sound pompous if I tell you that I get to have a lot of spare time, making use of social media, and I can to go places bringing my work with me as long as I have my laptop and pocket wi-fi. And I don’t need to report to the office, or at least I can go there whenever I want. Yes, it sounds exciting, but really, I don’t have a perfect job. I mean, is there such a thing? Then again, you just have to love your job. That is all.

I think that I have adjusted to the daily grind of work and every moment is just a normal thing for me. Sometimes, the task of creating promos for my assigned pages gets a little bit habitual, but somehow I learned how to deal with the drill, so to speak.  But I won’t be talking about my work in this entry, as much as I want to preview how colorful a multimedia producer’s life is. But I reckon that my life outside being a social media producer is more colorful. You bet.

So anyway, I have finally posted an entry. How long was it then? Months? Ages! To you who keep on visiting my blog, thanks for keeping the stats on the go despite my hiatus. I apologize for not replying to your feedback. But now, I will try my best to at least hit that comment box and approve your reply. 

Really. Thanks!


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