A little bit of confession

It’s my first day at my new job. Yes. True. It may be a little bit shocking, but, YES, I am no longer working for the network.  I resigned two weeks ago and I must say, I feel liberated.  Though I’ve gone through the whole dilemma, I made it a point to shove off the thought that I’d be jobless for a time.

I love working with/for the network. I loved the job as a multimedia producer. As mentioned, it’s not a perfect job. I mean, there is no such thing as perfect job and there are issues that I had to deal with on the periphery. I have no regrets. And I have nothing bad to say against my previous job. I think that it all boils down to where your passion really lies.

There are lessons that need to be learned. As cliche as they may seem, these lessons are learned the hard way.

1. Love your job.

2. Know your limits.

3. Focus on your goal.

4. Have faith.

5. Love yourself.

6. Think positive.

7. Meditate.

8. Take time alone with yourself.

9. Keep connected with friends.

10. Limit your trust in people you know on social media.

11. The person you thought would really care might turn out to be your best enemy.

12. Beware of dorks.

13. History repeats itself. And there is always a way to change it.

14. What’s real for you may be drama for others. But don’t hide your true feelings.

15. Pray for those who persecute you.

16. Don’t give up. God has the right plans.

17. Listen.

18. When you’re angry, eat.

19. Take time to rest.

20. Explore every possibility.


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