Slapped by Good Quotes

How do you cope with heartbreak?

Thank you Good Quotes for flooding my IG with your posts. You’re so worth the follow.

I’d never say I’ve been through a lot these past few weeks as far as my heart status is concerned.  After seven months of enduring countless bickering, bantering, and whatnot, it’s time to finally say (or sing) “let it go.”  Funny though, I’ve been letting go every time those fights happen.  But I guess I grew weary.  There’s no reason for me to hold back. I just felt it had already reached the brim.  Wading into the mud of confusion just turned me into a bitter person.  And I want to be better.

I may not be giving details of my plight, but I just wanna share these quotes which somehow give a glimpse of the hell I’ve been through.




If silence means done, then I would assume it really is.  But that doesn’t mean I give up on life.  And on love for that matter.  If there is one lesson this journey has taught me, it must be that love can make us go beyond the line.  We risk and lose ourselves to know whether our love for that person is worth fighting for.  I have no regrets.


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