Sprouting Soon: Panaringsing (A Poetry Collection)

saringsingcoverA plant puts forth new shoots before becoming full-grown. So does Elsed S. Togonon’s poetry collection.  It is considered that most of his poems are brought about by his sprouting as a writer and by his love for his language, Kinaray-a.

There is a cornucopia of themes included in this collection, a proof of the poet’s sundry experiences, emotions, and insights which watered and nurtured him to create the metaphors that flow within the lines, be it life or love.

There. Kasingkasing Press will be publishing my first Kinaray-a poetry collection Saringsing (mga binalaybay) and will be off the press really really soon.  The poems in this collection were written since I began writing in Kinaray-a, thanks to my mentors who introduced me to the vernacular.  I have always thought that writing in English makes one more superior than the rest. I was wrong.  I found love in writing literary pieces using my own language. And I will continue to do so until the day I die. Except for this entry though.

I personally like to thank the publisher and my good friend Noel de Leon for  zealously promoting Western Visayan literature through the titles that are going to be published this year. Padayon!


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