An Apology

Do artists have to be apologetic about their works?

estDays ago, I posted my artwork with the subject hanging on the branch of a tree.  I know it was way too morbid to depict such, but at that time, I wasn’t mindful of what others would have to say.  On social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, certain posts may stir several reactions.  But it’s not about gaining likes or appreciation.  It’s more of a reflection of one’s thoughts on the spur of the moment.

If you ask me what’s behind that gouache painting, I can’t even explain it.  But there has to be an explanation behind every action, right?  I guess, the simple description of what the painting tells you (or even me for that matter) is that we cannot force death to happen.  Amid pain, sorrow, and other tribulations whether self-inflicted or not,  there are still many reasons to value life.

A day before I painted this, I accompanied a friend to the NBI Detention Center.  Not to disclose what transpired inside the building, I would say that I somehow exposed myself to a harrowing situation that opened my eyes to the realities of life.  Some people are born privileged, while some are not.  And in that situation where you have to struggle your way out, money and power mean everything.  So, I thought, what would I do if I find myself behind bars?

That probably compelled me to paint my thought down.  When a friend asked me why it’s kind of morbid, I told him, there’s nothing too personal about it.  That it’s a re-imagination of a scene from Jesus Christ Superstar. The suicide of Judas.  What would you do if you find yourself behind bars?  What if you find yourself committing a crime and yet you regretted in the end?

This is all.  If you think there’s something behind this painting, then there is.  But I just want to tell you that it is not a premeditation of a truculent action.  No.  You guys just have to relieve yourselves from that.

I am OK.


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