5 Awkward Musings As I Turn 33


Probably one of the most flattering things I hear people say when they ask me “How old are you?”, and I answer without any hesitation “I’m 30 something”, is I look younger than my age.  Honestly, I still grope for reasons why but I’d like to think that maybe I’m blessed with a healthy disposition. I may look lanky, but despite that stature, I make it a point, no matter what the hard knocks are, I live life… accordingly.  I mean, I’m not perfect, life is not perfect, but we can always make the best out of shitty situations, right?

I’ll be turning 33 tomorrow.  Yes, you read it right. THIRTY THREE.  Still, I feel like I’m in the middle of a crossroad.  I was expecting that getting out of 32 would be liberating, but I guess, when one gets older, the world is just getting crazier and crazier.  And awkward–err.

Wanna know about these musings, awkward musings, I ponder upon at this point in my life?  Here they are:


OK, I read the books but only watched the TV series until Season 3. I didn’t even finish all the episodes. What a sad life. I can’t even join the convo whenever my friends talk about the Red Wedding or the fate of Jon Snow.  Probaly I got over my fascination.

I know nothing now. Tsk.


Scary.  Relationship’s such a big word.  And I just feel that it is so hard to handle.  I need an advice on this one.  Because when I attempted to rummage through the realm of this so-called relationship, I got it all fucked up. I wonder if I could ever love again. Sigh.


I still have to find it out.  I mean, I’m on my way to the prime of my life.  Life is a journey is cliche and the possibilities are boundless.  Sometimes, when I’m bombarded with the questions of uncertainties, I get confused and fear stands in the way of achieving my goals.

All right. Honestly, I don’t really know where I am going to. Kill the fucking song already.




I’m not so sure.  Probably they would say about the things I have done while I was still alive.

What do you think?  What would you say?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here’s to another 33 years (or more) of living the life I never led!


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