10 Types of Profile Photos You Mostly See On Grindr



Everything you need to know is from his profile pic.  Choose your tribe well.

1. The Catwang


Grindr cats are begging to be loved.

2. Kilikili Power


Some pits really look steamy in the pic you could  almost smell it. Like, hey, can I take your underarm out on a date?

3. Killer Torso


Torsos come in different sizes…and contours.  Your only fear is that, the guy’s all but just a torso and a head. No lower body. Babala.

4. The Nature Lover


Because some guys love to climb summits, wade through the waves…and like themselves to be blown by the wind.

5. Selfie Addict


You really cannot tell who’s good-looking. The guy or his smartphone. 

6. Woke Up Like This


Messy hair? Don’t care. It will be messed up again anyways.

7.  The Pixelized Pic


Oh, gosh I love a pixelized pic. It’s like a chocolate wrapper. Open it and see what you get! A closeted celeb perhaps?

8. The Shy Type


Shy type. Yaas. Silent rivers run deep. Well, in that case…

9. Half-Human Half Carton


I’m a Barbie Girl in a Barbie world.

10. The Totally Anonymous


Excuse me, but who are you?














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