6 Panayanon Love Songs That Will Tug At Your Heartstrings


Let’s welcome the Love Month with these love songs from Panay Island (Hiligaynon and Kinaray-a).

#1 Ahay Kalisud (Oh, How Sad)

“Ahay Kalisud” is an “intensely romantic and sighing piece” distinctive of its “somber minor key and brooding Ilongo lyrics” that expresses the despair of someone abandoned by a beloved.

#2 Ikaw Lang Ang Ginahigugma (You Are My Only Love)

“Ikaw Lang Ang Ginahigugma” is a “heartbreaking” song about a girl who reminisces the pain she feels after her beloved left her. Despite that, her love for him still remains and longs for that day her beloved will return.

#3 Langit kag Duta (Heaven and Earth)

In love, everyone is equal. However, the persona believes that the love between her and his beloved is just so impossible. Like heaven and earth.

#4 Mananggite (The Song of the Tuba Gatherer)

A poetic love song that describes the tuba (coconut sap) gatherer’s expression of love. Embedded with metaphorical lines associated with the mananggite’s job, the song surely swoons every Inday as it depicts the mananggite’s determination in pursuing his aim to win her love no matter how impossible it is.

#5 Araguy Inday!

This humorous song recalls the burdens the persona endured as he pursues his love for Inday. The lines may be hyperbolic as it exaggerates the experiences of the guy in the hands of the girl which kinda reminds us of Michael V’s “Sinaktan Mo Ang Puso Ko”. Again, despite the pain, the love of the persona remains adamant.

#6 Lugar Kang Paghigugma (A Place of Love)

The wisdom of this song may be a bit cliche, but it continues to remind us that there is love beyond romance, and that is the love of the family and the community. Yes?

I hope you take time to listen to these songs from Western Visayas.


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