10 Things I Enjoyed Being A Pasinaya 2016 Volunteer


Last year, for the first time, I attended the Pasinaya Open House Festival at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The Pasinaya is an annual gathering of the different CCP resident companies along with the different art groups from all over the country.  That experience offered a lot of firsts for me as an art enthusiast. And I promised myself to witness the festival again this year.

So, this 2016, I have the fortune to become a volunteer for the CCP events. The Pasinaya Open House Festival is the first of its numerous events, and my very first time to somehow bring people to appreciate Philippine arts in my own little way. I was thrilled!

Here are the ten random things I enjoyed being a volunteer of the Pasinaya Open House Festival 2016:

#1 Being part of the CCP Family

There’s no greater thing than to be a part of an organization that promotes something that you love, the arts, that is.  During our volunteers meeting prior to the festival, Mr. Chris Millado, the vice president and creative director of  CCP, welcomed us volunteers as one of the significant movers that would contribute to the success of the event.  I couldn’t be happier.

#2 Getting to know the halls and studios of CCP

After the meeting, we were toured around the halls and studios of the building.  It kind of familiarized myself with the “chambers” I never knew about. I’ve been to CCP numerous times, but now, I could say as a theatergoer, I have the edge over those who do not know where the Bulwagang Amado Hernandez is. 🙂

#3 Free T-shirt and Pasinaya ID


I wore it with pride.

#4 Art is Everywhere!

Needless to say, art definitely invaded not only the interiors of the CCP complex. The ramp and the stretch of Pedro Bukaneg Street were filled with dancers, musicians, and poets who unleashed their creative prowess through their enthralling performances.  For one day, the world, or at least Manila, became a happiest place to live in.  Arts surely gave color to everyone’s Sunday.

#5 Lending a helping hand 

Helping without expecting anything in return is the main essence of volunteerism.  For the love of arts, I was more than happy to lead the guests and answer simple queries like ” Where is the main theater?” or “Can I still register?” Happy to serve you!

#6 Watching friends and families bond together

Focusing on the children and the family, this year’s Pasinaya showcased performances with themes and narratives designed for kids and kids at heart.  The essence of family, too, is depicted through the arts exhibited and featured in this open house festival.  This festival  became a moment also for the whole family and barkadas to enjoy meaningfully, as literature, music, film, dance, and visual arts, do not only give them entertainment but it also nourish their souls. And seeing group of friends, classmates and family members (from where I stood) bond together was just as fulfilling as spending time at the mall shopping.

#7 Making new friends


As a Pasinaya volunteer, it’s not just about gaining experience. It makes you win new friends.  Being an INFP as I am, I didn’t quite expect that these people made my volunteering task as enjoyable as it could be. Couldn’t be more grateful for these peeps whom I spent most of the time with (at least after the task) cracking silly jokes, introducing to other friends, watching the People’s Gala, and walking along Adriatico St. while watching the fireworks display. Till the next Pasinaya (or Cinemalaya perhaps?)

(P.S. I am that guy who’s wearing white)

#8 Taking initiative

OK, so being a volunteer is not as easy as you think it is. Not if you were assigned to deploy guests for the museum tour. And, unfortunately, if the driver himself was just as clueless as you were, especially on the museums that these guests needed to visit. It’s an unnerving OMG moment when the driver informed you that he’s not familiar with the streets of Manila. Not even Intramuros! And the only help which you can resort to is, what else, Waze or Google Maps. At that point, these apps were my hero. They did not disappoint.

#9 Exposing myself to different art forms


The Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra plays songs from the Broadway musical The Sound of Music


One of the artworks from the Liwanag exhibit by Aze Ong

I love arts. I mean, if there is one thing that gets me through the day, it is the feeling that I get by listening to music, doodling anything on paper, or reading a novel or a poem.  The Pasinaya Festival heightened my love for these art forms even more.

#10 Taking pride in the Filipino artists

Watching the performances of the different resident companies during the People’s Gala gave me chills and brought me pride. Hail to Filipino artists and the people who work behind these performances.

I also take pride in being a CCP volunteer. And thankful for CCP for giving me the opportunity to somehow lead the people in appreciating Philippine arts. It may be a small thing, but it’s priceless. And yes, I’m more than happy to do it again next year.


How was your Pasinaya 2016 experience? I hope you enjoyed it guys! Let’s continue to support the arts and the shows by the Cultural Center of the Philippines. For upcoming events and other culture-related news, you may visit the CCP website by clicking here.



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