10 TV Shows and Flicks That Remind Me of My Childhood


WARNING: These shows will (probably) tell you how old I am. But hey, I’m proud to be a 90s kid!


# Isabel Sugo ng Birhen 

This program kept me grounded in the late afternoon.  I love shows about miracles and human beings with horns.

#2 Ewoks

The Woklings and Wicket were my favorite Ewoks.


#3 Labyrinth

I just hated the legendary David Bowie at that time.


#4 Zapped

For the first time, I fell in love with David Pomeranz’s music. The prom scene was my favorite. “You’re the King and Queen of Hearts” and “Got To Believe in Magic” became famous songs then.


#5 Ang TV

Cheska Garcia was my ultimate crush.


#6 Julio at Julia Kambal ng Tadhana

I mean, who wouldn’t love to be in their shoes? Siblings with powers who embarked on an adventure to save their father. I hated the empress!


#7 Takeshi’s Castle

If you love Wipeout, you would probably love Takeshi’s Castle even more. This show got me ROFL as a kid.  I always loved the maze part. And the lake looked filthy.


#8 Batibot

Pong Pagong was my fave character. And yes, I sang along to the opening theme.


#9 Rescue 911

It was my Lola’s favorite show. I ended up watching it, too, when I was a kid. William Shatner’s voice though.


#10 The Golden Child

I watched this flick several times because it’s being shown repeatedly on IBC 12. Does anyone still remember Showcase? No? OK. I still do.


How about you guys? What TV programs and movies remind you of your childhood?


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