Of Rays and Rainbows

No religion or belief can help you if you don’t, as Rainier Maria Rilke wrote, ‘look deep into your heart’.



This evening, I made a little confession to a friend. Although it did not concern me at all, I told him about our friend’s, well, real sexual preference. Good thing about my friend is he’s so open minded, and our other friend, being gay, is not a big deal to him. Well, to us. It really doesn’t matter. Then, the chat segued to another revelation and the reason why I told him that is because at some point, our friend and I kind of bullied someone on Facebook. Although it happened years ago, I just felt that I needed to tell him the truth because I knew all along that it wasn’t right. Yes, I told him that at that time I was battling with homophobia.

I had this experience when a student tried to invite me on FB and was asking questions that were kind of personal. At first…

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